Client Success Stories

CAE Healthcare 

04-22-2024 09:40 AM

CAE Healthcare Transforms into a Factory-of-the-Future Embracing Industry 4.0

With the help of: FloridaMakes


CAE Healthcare, a leader in the human simulator market, is renowned for its innovative approach to medical training solutions. With its strategic vision focused on maintaining a competitive edge and expanding market share, the company recognized the imperative need to transition towards an Industry 4.0 manufacturing model. This shift aimed to modernize CAE Healthcare's Sarasota, Florida, operations by embracing automation and transforming their facilities into a state-of-the-art factory-of-the-future.


CAE Healthcare faced the challenge of evolving its manufacturing operations to stay at the forefront of the human simulator industry. With the ambition to not only retain but also increase market share, the leadership team understood that a significant transformation was necessary. The company aimed to integrate advanced automation technologies and modern practices to optimize their manufacturing processes, improve efficiency, and reduce waste, thereby ensuring increased profitability and a stronger market position.


To realize this ambitious goal, CAE Healthcare reached out to the Sarasota-Manatee Manufacturers Association, part of the FloridaMakes Network and the MEP National Network™, for project management assistance. The FloridaMakes team conducted a thorough assessment of CAE Healthcare's needs, emphasizing employee involvement, customer feedback, and supplier expectations. The team utilized a proven method for analyzing automation as a solution and orchestrated the project through meticulous planning, including integration, resource allocation, training, and change management. This holistic approach ensured that the transition to automated manufacturing was strategically aligned with the company's goals and the expectations of all stakeholders.


  • $10,000,000 in retained sales
  • 5 jobs created, 7 jobs retained
  • $500,000 invested in equipment and $250,000 in workforce practices
  • $2,550,000 in cost savings


CAE Healthcare's journey to becoming a factory-of-the-future, supported by FloridaMakes, has been nothing short of revolutionary. The transition to an Industry 4.0 manufacturing model has significantly improved our processes, efficiency, and market position. We've not only retained $10 million in sales but also realized substantial savings in inventory, labor, and materials. The strategic investments in equipment and workforce practices, managed by the FloridaMakes Team, have been pivotal to our success. This transformation has also allowed us to create new jobs and retain key staff members, underscoring our commitment to our employees and the future of healthcare simulation.

— Matt Testa, Plant Manager