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Florida is home to over 20,000 manufacturers. To better serve the manufacturing sector, FloridaMakes delivers services through a collaboration of an ecosystem of more than 200 partners. All focused on addressing the diverse challenges facing manufacturers. These partners include independent consultants, community colleges, universities, workforce boards, economic development agencies, and research institutions from within Florida and across the nation.

How do Manufacturers Benefit from this Network?

We recognize that one size does not fit all – we determine the best fit based on the company’s specific challenge and its location, size, and industry. We do the work for you in locating and vetting the resource for the required expertise. We manage both the project and third-party provider to ensure all expectations are met.

How do Third-Party Providers Benefit from this Network?

The manufacturing community thrives on connection. We connect you with manufacturers needing your expertise. And often, you’ll connect our team with companies needing assistance with everything from obtaining grants to project management. We manage the project and the client to ensure that all expectations are met.

Third-Party Provider Network Expertise

FloridaMakes has a company-centric approach – we do what’s best for the client’s long-term viability. Therefore, we engage Third-Party Providers (TPPs) for a wide range of projects necessary to improve the manufacturer’s technological performance and global competitiveness. This includes all areas of the company: C-Suite to front office to shop floor to shipping. Please review our services for manufacturers to understand the depth and breadth of the services we provide to manufacturers.

Apply to Join the FloridaMakes Third-Party Provider Network

Please note that we do not guarantee client work. Work is dependent on matching client need with the right resource.

We will only interview prospective TPPs who have submitted the required application and reference documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Document Submittals:
  1. Submit your Application to Become a FloridaMakes Third Party Provider to using the subject line: TPP Application from YOUR NAME. 

  2. Reference Submittals: Have two different client references each submit their completed Third Party Professional and Client Reference Form to using the subject line: TPP Reference Form for YOUR NAME.

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