Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment & Business Resiliency

FloridaMakes offers a variety of tools and services to help your company:

  • Identify its capabilities and effectiveness
  • Benchmark with other companies
  • Pinpoint challenges impeding its growth and sustainability
  • Determine its ability to quickly adapt to disruptions

Your FloridaMakes Business Advisor can help you determine which is right for your company.

Here are some of the assessments we offer:
Enterprise Performance 
Integration of Advanced Technologies
Business Continuity
Cybersecurity Gap Analyses
Capacity Analysis
Regional Awards
GrowFL Companies To Watch

Enterprise Performance Assessment

The assessment reviews a company’s approaches in six categories:

  1. Leadership
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Customer and market focus
  4. Measurement, analysis and knowledge management
  5. Workforce focus
  6. Operations focus

This process provides companies with expert evaluation on how well the company’s goals, plans, processes and measures are aligned; strengths and opportunities for improvement for each category; and recommendations for key cross-cutting improvements. This assessment, based on the national Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Assessment and the Governor’s Sterling Award, is designed for companies committed to improving their leadership and management systems.

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Integration of Advanced Technologies Assessment

The focus of the Baldrige-Based Assessment for Integration of Advanced Technologies into Manufacturing Operations is to assess organizational performance within the context of the company’s strategic orientation to adapt and implement specific technologies into the operation. For more information (jump to Advanced Manufacturing Page)

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Business Continuity Assessment

We offer several tools to help your company determine its preparedness to reduce the impacts and shorten recovery time from business disruptions, such as hurricanes, pandemics, fires, and other disasters or unforeseen events.

  • For a high-level overview of your company’s preparedness in the event of a future disaster, complete the Disaster Readiness Assessment on-line. This takes less than five minutes, and you will be provided with a feedback report immediately upon completion. 

  • The Business Continuity Assessment evaluates your company’s resiliency for a wide range of potential risks, covering all aspects of a manufacturing business, front to end.  The detailed report provides a roadmap for creating a Business Continuity Plan to help ensure that your employees and facilities are protected, and processes can continue despite an emergency or disaster so your company can continue operating and generating revenue. This assessment is completed with a Business Advisor, and you will be provided a report immediately upon completion.

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Capacity Analysis

How resourceful and resilient are you? Do you have the capacity to handle new growth? Are you using the newer technologies that will help increase your capacity to grow? Do you know the minimum sustaining revenue you need to be more resilient? 

To meet your business and customer needs, understanding and estimating production capacities is essential. Our capacity assessment analyzes the current state capacity of the production value chain and can simulate your desired future state. This assessment is a cost-effective and low-impact approach to look for ways to improve production and operations.

Data and information from your company and its operations are used to develop a model of the company internal value stream which, when animated, simulates real-life process resources, inputs, flows, outputs, and throughput to customers.

Results: The capacity assessment will identify where improvements can be made; the simulation can be used to try out modifications before investing time and resources.

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Regional Awards

Florida Regional Manufacturer Associations (RMA) operate a variety of annual award processes. Winners of an RMA award based on the Sterling/Baldrige criteria or similar will automatically be nominated into the SMBE evaluation process.

For information about regional awards, contact your local Regional Manufacturers Association.

GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch (FLCTW)

This awards program recognizes 50 second-stage companies at an annual celebration. This program seeks to honor those companies that demonstrate high performance in the marketplace and innovative strategies and processes. Importantly, the goal is to recognize the work of successful companies and their leaders. Through FLCTW, honorees become inspirations and motivation to their peers.

Client Testimonials

What our clients have to say

The FloridaMakes network has serviced hundreds of manufacturers across the state since 2016. Learn about the impact our services have on companies' long-term business growth and productivity.

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Brenda Prenitzer

NanoSpective, Inc.,
Co-founder and President

I'll sometimes work an entire weekend without sleep. Even if I'm completely exhausted, I'll make time for the Roundtable. It's about making time to work on your business and not in it. I always feel refreshed and come away with new knowledge. I can honestly say there hasn't been a single meeting where I felt disinterested or bored of what was being discussed. We all have different businesses, but our struggles and concerns are all very similar. It's remarkable.


Renee Soares-Vozel

Ameritape, Inc.,
Vice President

We never imagined that we could get so much training in one year and see the results so quickly! We are so thankful to FloridaMakes for helping us with the grant process and connecting us with qualified trainers. The Business Advisor made the process so easy, and she was there every step along the way. The training propelled us forward to be better leaders and work better together as a team. We look forward to more growth and we are now better prepared for it!


Adam Sulimirski

Cruise Car, Inc,

I really appreciate the GrowFL CEO Roundtables available through FloridaMakes. One quickly realizes that we share the same stresses. We may talk about how to deal with a certain employee, logistics issues, market challenges, pay incentives, or how a certain book made an impact. I go in with a notebook and even if a problem being discussed is not currently a concern of mine, I take note knowing that as I grow, the I might face the same issue eventually. It's a great place to let your guard down and share your victories and challenges. People get emotional and really open up.