Tooling U-SME


Drive Productivity Through Flexible Online Training 

FloridaMakes has partnered with Tooling U-SME, an online training provider, to off-set the cost of bringing high-quality, customized, on-site training to manufacturers. Maintain a competitive workforce and grow your organization. Raise quality. Boost productivity. On-board faster. Whether you're a Fortune 500® company — or just want to perform like one — together, we can develop a program that makes a bottom-line difference: analyze needs, design a flexible solution, streamline implementation, and measure results. More than 500 unique online classes provide a broad offering of manufacturing training topics. Plus, every online class has been reviewed and validated by industry experts.


"The reason we chose this training is the on-demand program. When we have unplanned downtime, we can take the entire team to the training center and use that time for training."
"This training gives us the flexibility, the scalability, the relevance and the content we need. And the results have been amazing. We’ve improved performance across the board."

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