Recovery and Readiness

Recovery and Readiness

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As the COVID-19 health crisis impacts global supply chains, the FloridaMakes Network is here to support Florida's manufacturing industry. We recognize that your company is facing new challenges daily during the crisis and you are being asked to rethink, redesign, and reallocate resources. Use the information below to prepare and/or recover if you have already been impacted by this pandemic. This page is updated regularly and contains news and resources relevant to manufacturers.

Recovery and Readiness Resources For Manufacturers

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Connex Florida

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Learn more about Connex Florida - Florida's Supply Chain Solution by clicking here.

COVID-19 Response: Manufacturing Survey

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The US and global economy are in uncharted waters at this time. Florida is no different. Functioning critical infrastructure is imperative during the response to the COVID-19 emergency for both public health, safety and community well-being. It will be even more important in the critical recovery effort to follow. In Florida, manufacturers are identified as essential critical infrastructure that bears a unique responsibility during this crisis to continue operations and, in many cases, contribute to the accelerated demand for much-needed materials and supplies brought about through this crisis and for the overall sustainability of our communities.

The information shared will assist us in helping with the COVID-19 response in the following ways:

  1. Get manufacturing capabilities connected to the critical demands being generated during this period. (Answers to questions 1 through 5 will be made available through Connex Florida – Florida’s Supply Chain Solution to be drawn upon at this time of critical demand.) 
  2. Learn about the current challenges of Florida's manufacturing industry; whether there is a need for technical, business/financial, or workforce assistance to either sustain operations or scale-up production. (Answers to questions 6 through 14 will remain confidential and will help us develop new tools and / or improve our current resources to assist manufacturers.)

Webinar Resources

Talent Development Series: 

  • The Key to Recovery: Florida’s Workforce Training Grants and Employer Service Providers - view the webinar here and view the slide deck here.
  • Online Training: Strategies to Develop Employees During a Time of Uncertainty - view the webinar here.

For COVID-19 related webinars, please click here.

Business Continuity Assessment

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FloridaMakes has developed custom tools to help manufacturers navigate and mitigate the impacts of future crises. We provide immediate feedback on your business risk and continuity preparedness. 

Schedule a free deep-dive business continuity risk assessment with a knowledgeable Business Advisor. Click the icon above to get started.

*The following assessment is also available in Spanish.

Supply Chain Disruption Planning

Advanced preparation and business continuity planning will mitigate risks and help a business continue operating despite a crisis. Moving into hurricane season, COVID-19 is still affecting many businesses and it's important to prepare and navigate through both hurricane season and COVID-19 to ensure business resiliency.

Click here to download the checklist.


Assess your company’s disaster readiness. Develop a business continuity plan to stay in business and generate revenues during a crisis.

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