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FloridaMakes’ Enterprise Assessment helps you identify the capabilities and effectiveness of your business, benchmark how your company is doing in comparison with other companies, and point to challenges that may be impeding your company. Through the assessment process, we’ll create a roadmap for improving your company’s performance and your bottom line. 

FloridaMakes offers two types of assessment tools:

Enterprise Performance Assessment – This is based on the national Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Assessment and the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award, and is designed for companies committed to improving their leadership and management systems. The assessment reviews a company’s approaches in six categories: leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, measurement, analysis and knowledge management, workforce focus and operations focus.

The process provides companies with expert evaluation on how well the company’s goals, plans, processes and measures are aligned; strengths and opportunities for improvement for each category; and recommendations for key cross-cutting improvements.

Enterprise Value Assessment – This tool measures the true worth of a business: the ability of a business to dependably generate revenue and profit at or above its current rate regardless of business ownership.  

You can learn more by viewing this FloridaMakes webinar recording:

Quantifying Your Company’s Operational Health:
The 18 Value Driver Framework that Increases Company Value

featuring Chuck Richards, the CEO of CoreValue Software.

Photo Credit: CoreValue Software

Get started right now.  Analyze your business with this free, 15-minute CoreValue assessment to Measure Your 18 Drivers of Enterprise Value and (this is cool) - find out what your business may be worth, where your growth opportunities lie, and your profit-generating strengths. FloridaMakes can help you take the next steps, and build an action plan and strategies to achieve your company potential.

"Let’s face it. Financial spreadsheets look backwards. They paint a picture on what happened. But they are rarely helpful when it comes time to measure the real value of a company looking forward. They cannot, for instance, put a value on vital, but intangible aspects such as a company’s market share, its brand, its ingenuity, its goodwill, or contracts with customers and vendors."  - CoreValue Software

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