Client Success Stories


08-04-2021 13:27

Implementation of New Business Operating System Improves Top and Bottom Lines

Eric Rosenthal is the CEO of Florikan ESA, a Sarasota, Florida based manufacturer and distributor of control release fertilizers. The family owned business employs 66 workers in two branches. Its key products are Nutricote, a high-end fertilizer specifically for the ornamental market, and Gal-Xe, which is sold into broader markets including turf, agriculture, and ornamentals.The company’s challenge was strategic direction. Leadership had some opinions on the topic and wanted assistance clarifying and solidifying it. CEO Eric Rosenthal worked with GrowFL to implement the firm’s first strategic planning endeavor.

As part of GrowFL’s work to support manufacturers through FloridaMakes (a NIST MEP affiliate), Rosenthal participated in GrowFL’s CEO Roundtable and worked with the moderator to complete a comprehensive strategic plan. GrowFL introduced him to the business operating system described in the book Traction, which he implemented in its entirety with GrowFL’s guidance and counsel. Creating goals and accountability has improved both top and bottom lines.


  • 16 jobs created or retained
  • $300,000 in increased/retained sales
  • Cost savings of $250,000