Client Success Stories

Flomet LLC 

08-04-2021 11:16

Six Sigma Black Belt Project Yields Scrap Reduction and Labor Savings

FloMet LLC specializes in complex, precision components used in a multitude of industries including medical, aerospace, automotive, and defense. FloMet continues to expand its capabilities and innovate advancements in metal injection molding. Through innovation, the company has delivered highly-detailed, complex metal components at reduced lead time to market and has lower costs compared to alternative technologies such as die casting. FloMet was producing a part with a difficult design. The part had a 38 percent scrap yield valued at $170,000 annually. The company was also investing a substantial amount of time inspecting these parts and ultimately remaking the parts.The part was the subject of a required project during a Six Sigma Black Belt Training Curriculum that was coordinated by FloridaMakes, part of the MEP National Network. The Six Sigma data-driven quality strategy consists of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC). This strategy was applied to the total process required to make the part. Several of the Six Sigma tools were employed at different stages of the part's value-added processes and the root cause of most of the scrap was discovered. Permanent corrective actions were implemented to eliminate this common defect.


  • $173,600 in cost savings
  • 32% increase in First Pass Yield on part
  • 84.7% reduction in scrap yield on part