Client Success Stories

Gexpro Services 

08-04-2021 10:57

Lean Thinking Paves the Way to Reduce Order Timelines

Gexpro Services is a world-class supply chain services outsource provider that specializes in developing and managing production inventory management programs. With three locations in Florida, Gexpro’s managed inventory programs support OEM clients with engineered production material specifications, fulfillment, and quality requirements. Gexpro Sevices had an issue with delays in orders for overseas customers. To address this issue, the company decided to send three key employees to a Certified Lean Practitioner course. The course gave the participants from Gexpro tools to critically analyze routine operations and define how each step of the process affected the overall production timeline. By dissecting and analyzing the steps of the ordering process, the employees discovered that placing orders in the system a few hours earlier in the day resulted in customers in Europe and Asia receiving the orders almost a full week earlier. The adjustment greatly reduced the number of late orders and associated costs.


  • Reduced ordering time by 6 days
  • Reduced expedited costs for late orders
  • Provided Certified Lean Practitioner training for 3 employees