Client Success Stories

JETechnologies Solutions, Inc. 

01-06-2023 05:09 PM

"The Enterprise Performance Assessment highlighted many opportunities for improvement at JETechnology Solutions, Inc. The assistance with commercial customer leads is helping to diversify our revenue streams and make our company stronger. We are understanding the differences between our commercial and government customers and our team is up to the challenge with providing both with top-notch service."              - Adrian Little,  President/CEO

JETechnology Solutions, Inc., is a women-owned small business in Apopka, Florida, with 33 employees. The company started in 2004 and is not only a contract manufacturer in metal fabrication but also specializes in the design and manufacture of fixed and rotary wing aircraft maintenance stands.


 In 2021, an Enterprise Performance Assessment was performed by FloridaMakes. The assessment discovered that most of the company’s customer base was in the Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain. If there were ever a disruption in the DoD supply chain, it would have a huge impact on the revenues of the company and potentially require a layoff. The assessment also revealed that JETechnology Solutions, Inc. had existing capabilities and equipment that could be utilized to meet fabrication needs in many commercial market.


The company is a member of the Manufacturers Association of Central Florida, part of the FloridaMakes Network, and these contacts were utilized to communicate their capabilities. The company also registered in the Network’s Connex Marketplace - a platform that highlights their manufacturing and fabrication capabilities. Utilizing the FloridaMakes Network resulted in securing a major new commercial customer for JETechnology Solutions, Inc. The FloridaMakes network has also continued to present new customer leads that have the potential to further diversify their customer base.


  • Producing Metal Fabricated Parts for Fire Protection Vehicles
  • Producing Original Equipment fabricated parts for Fire Protection vehicles. 
  • Hired Four (4) Additional People Since the 2021 Assessment