Client Success Stories

Collins Research Inc. 

11-06-2023 01:37 PM

 Strategic Research For Niche Market

Collins Research Inc. dba Flame Boss, located in Orlando, FL, is a family owned business with13 full-time employees. Flame Boss manufactures smart devices and items for the Internet of Things (IoT). The companys first product is a temperature controller for charcoal grills and smokers.


Flame Boss had marketing challenges related to their niche product. Finding the resources necessary to reach consumers in that market was a challenge. Senior management needed to better understand the market, including competitors and potential customers.


As part of GrowFL’s work to support manufacturers through FloridaMakes, part of the MEP National NetworkTM, GrowFL provided Flame Boss with information pertaining to market size, competition, potential customers and leads. The market data justified further investment, which resulted in increased sales. Credible growth projections, based on the research provided, were used to secure an SBA loan.


  • $334,000 in New Investment
  • $800,000 in Increased or Retained Sales
  • 10 New or Retained Jobs


Everyone was very professional and capable and were careful to understand our unique market. We certainly got more information than we'd be able to gather on our own."The FloridaMakes Team was extremely thorough, skilled, and deadline focused. The project allowed us to utilize a large building investment ($100k plus annually) and increase our efficiency and revenue.

— Michael Collins, Owner and CEO