Client Success Stories

AM Metal Finishing, Inc. 

08-04-2021 11:39 AM

Core Value Assessment Leads to Distinguished Industry Award

A.M. Metal Finishing, Inc. (A.M.) is a premier, family-owned metal finishing company with over 32 years of experience. Located in Orlando, Florida, they are an approved vendor for many of Orlando's industrial, commercial and aerospace/defense companies including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, NASA, and Walt Disney World Co. A.M.’s 25 employees specialize in color anodizing, hard coat anodizing, bulk anodizing, rack anodizing, architectural anodizing, chromate conversion, electro polishing, passivation, powder coating, Teflon coating, nylon coating, salt spray testing, humidity testing, black oxide, abrasive blasting, selective masking, and dry film lubricant.


A.M. has participated in many training and continuous improvement strategies over the years. The company has a team-based structure with strong employee participation and solid company performance. With no known challenges ahead, senior management was spending all of their time addressing the issues of the day, neglecting the big picture for long periods. NIST MEP affiliate FloridaMakes stepped in to motivate and assist A.M. in achieving higher performance levels.


FloridaMakes Business Advisor Dan Sutter recommended a CoreValue Assessment to reset the baseline of A.M.'s performance. The CoreValue Assessment systematically measures a company's position against 18 key business elements, producing red flags for any element that is weak when compared against known best practices. The assessment put important business elements in front of the owner for fast evaluation, including legal issues, product differentiation, brand considerations, and customer diversification. Based on findings from the assessment, A.M. hired an experienced operations manager and addressed key areas for improvement. After implementing these changes, the company received the "Top 50 Shops Award" by Products Finishing magazine.


  • Award: Received “Top 50 Shops” Award from Products Finishing Magazine
  • Increased/Retained Jobs: Hired an Operations Manager – created 1 new job


I came to the realization that my business would be in peril if anything happened to my health. The livelihood of all of our employees would be at risk. The CoreValue Assessment has been an excellent management tool for highlighting key elements of our business that are opportunities for improvement, and the discipline to address all 18 elements helped position A.M. Metal Finishing for the 'Top 50 Shops Award.'

— Rick Hunter, Owner