Client Success Stories

Aluminum Distributing 

08-04-2021 03:50 PM

Charting the Future

Founded in 1958, ADI Metal in Fort Lauderdale Florida ( continues the long-standing tradition of solution-based metals distribution boasting an impressive product line and successful track record and employs 12 people. In 199, Betsy McGee (President of ADI Metal) took over the company and guided its growth from humble beginnings to now supporting domestic and international metal fabrication and manufacturing with the supply of quality raw materials and value-added services for industries including commercial and private shipbuilding and repair, oil and gas, heavy and light industry, military, government agencies and prime contracting.


ADI Metal has the opportunity to capitalize on growth and further diversify the business. The challenge is breaking many traditions which have served the company well, that moving forward, will limiting the growth and value of the company.


Partnering with FloridaMakes, ADI Metal has charted a new course for the future. Beginning with an enterprise assessment of the business performed by FloridaMakes, ADI has been able to realize over $75,000 of value within the first 6 months of the engagement.


  • Cost Savings: $41,000
  • New Investment: $27,000 investment in plant, workforce, and process
  • Increased/retained Sales: 2.5% incremental sales
  • Other: 5% margin improvements


This is just the beginning as we strategically enable ADI Metal’s growth and continued profitability. Future plans include the implementation of new business systems and applied cost accounting tools to reduce overhead and effectively manage inventory value, rotation, and pricing policies which today are accomplished manually.

— Betsy McGee, President

There are plans to expand the business with additional locations capturing additional market share in the near future. We have strategically aligned ourselves with the FloridaMakes team and have been challenged by the depth and experience they represent, and their valuable contributions to our company so far.

— Mark Tortora, Chief Operating Officer