Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Leadership Council

Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Leadership Council

About the Council


The Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Leadership Council (AMWLC), guided by FloridaMakes, is a coalition devoted to enhancing manufacturing talent pipelines in order to bolster regional economies. Composed of Regional Manufacturing Associations (RMAs) and Florida manufacturers, the AMWLC provides a platform for manufacturing workforce development and talent delivery systems in Florida. The Council acts as a conduit for statewide advanced manufacturing labor market intelligence that informs policy and strategy of the state's workforce and talent development network. 

AMWLC's approach involves fostering and leveraging industry partnerships through monthly council meetings. These gatherings bring together industry, economic development, education, workforce development boards, and various stakeholders to discuss strategies, barriers, best practices, and lessons learned in a range of areas such as building talent pipelines, career pathways, apprenticeships, labor market data, and other work-based learning strategies. The council, staffed and coordinated by the FloridaMakes Network, assures the state's workforce network possesses a deeper comprehension of the talent needs of the manufacturing sector. Each RMA in the state is represented on the council by one or more members who typically hold senior leadership positions in manufacturing companies, such as manufacturing management, quality management, or human resources. 

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