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Industrial Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship Program

Adaptation is key to an evolving business environment. Employees must creatively balance work-life responsibilities of family, transportation, and personal time to further their education. The IMT program supports employer’s needs by helping them to grow talent internally while motivating employees with a flexible program that builds a career in advanced manufacturing.

Traditional apprentice programs, while highly regarded, often experience low participation because the required courses are only offered in the evening inside a physical classroom at a local college or vocational school. Developed with manufacturers to meet manufacturing companies’ needs to upgrade the skills of workers, IMT modernizing the old model of apprenticeships in a way that meets the needs of today’s workforce.

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IMT helps Florida manufacturers bridge skills gaps by creating a pipeline of skilled workers, increases retention, productivity and ROI.

World-Class Standards

The IMT is based on world-class standards for frontline advanced manufacturing work based upon the MSSC. Employers who adopt the IMT are ensured that the skills of their frontline employees exceed those of manufacturing workers around the world.

Validated Credentials

The IMT provides apprentices the opportunity to receive Certified Production Technician MSSC certifications, which is an industry-recognized national manufacturing credentials.

Training the Future of Florida's Manufacturing Industry

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Program Tuition Costs

  • Regional Manufacturing Association member: $950 per apprentice
  • Non-Member: $1200 per apprentice
  • A separate assessment fee for CPT certification testing of $240 is paid directly to the testing center

Training and Courses for Related Instruction

The IMT program’s curriculum can be aligned with and customized to a particular company’s specific policies and on the job training. Upon completion of training, workers earn nationally recognized manufacturing journey worker credentials.

  • 200 non-working hours of online curriculum based on the four Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician 4.0 modules: Safety, Quality Practice & Measurement, Manufacturing Processes & Production and Maintenance Awareness
  • 2,000-hour apprenticeship on-the-job training for employed workers that provides a guided training program for workers in their work environment to:
    • Set up, operate, monitor and control production equipment
    • Help improve manufacturing processes
    • Understand manufacturing as an integrated business system
    • Efficiently and safely manage raw materials/consumables
  • Courses are available in English and Spanish

Employer Responsibilities

  • Provide a range of work experiences
  • Provide on-the-job learning instruction and competency assessments
  • Provide feedback on the apprentices’ progress
  • Cover tuition costs


It’s estimated that by 2028, U.S. manufacturers will need to fill 4.6 million jobs, however one hurdle stands in the way of this: the industry skills gap. To combat this problem, FloridaMakes created and sponsors the Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) Apprenticeship program.

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