Company Stories

Company Stories

Companies working with MEP centers like FloridaMakes report measurable results, from increased sales, increased profits, and savings of time and money, to creation of new products, new markets and new jobs. Here are some of the results achieved by Florida companies through FloridaMakes services:

Pharmaceutical Company Wins Big with Manufacturing Effectiveness 

The Company:  Sancilio & Company, Inc., a 165-person company located in Riviera Beach, is primarily focused on the development of novel therapies for application in the emerging field of lipidomics – the structure, function, interaction and movements of cellular lipids and their relationship to diseases.  Founded in 2005, the company is well on the way to achieve its goal of becoming a leading integrated specialty pharmaceutical company after winning the 2015 Manufacturer of the Year award from the South Florida Manufacturers Association’s (SFMA).

The Challenge: As part of its continuous improvement process, Sancilio & Company undertook an enterprise assessment conducted by FloridaMakes.  As a result of the assessment, FloridaMakes identified improvement opportunities in throughput cost savings, business systems, workforce engagement and application of additional LEAN concepts. 

The Action Plan:  Sancilio & Company capitalized on the assessment findings by making changes to significantly improve throughput, which eventually reduced customer late backlog to zero, and implementing business systems applying lean principles and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  The company hired and/or retained 12 heads to realize the improved throughput, and began the implementation of new or improved business processes and systems. 


  • $105,000 in cost savings from throughput reduction by 10 days
  • $50,000 in IT/ERP solutions
  • 12 jobs created/retained

“The benefits of association with the South Florida Manufacturers Association and the partnership with FloridaMakes are invaluable to our company.  We are experiencing prodigious growth within our business, and both of these resources are strategic in that growth.  We anticipate a long and valuable relationship with SFMA and FloridaMakes."  - Jeff Johnson, Senior Vice President for Manufacturing

Passing an AS9100 Audit with Flying Colors

The Company:  Manown Engineering is a 6-person, woman-owned contract manufacturer of precision machined components, sub-assemblies and assembled products for a diverse range of industries:  from aerospace, defense, and energy, to air and water technology, oil and gas, agriculture and pumping and mining.  The company has a 50-year history in Bonifay (pop. less than 3,000) in Northwest Florida. 

The Challenge:  The owner of Manown Engineering contacted FloridaMakes for training and technical assistance, with the primary objective of educating employees on AS9100 standards, and how it applies to individuals’ specific jobs and processes. Companies need to be certified in meeting AS9100 quality standards in order to work with customers in the aviation, space and defense industries, a significant portion of Manown’s current business and future growth opportunities. Manown was facing an audit of its AS9100 compliance in just over 2 weeks.  

The Action Plan:  With funding support from the State of Florida, Department of Economic Opportunity’s Rural Areas of Opportunity, FloridaMakes conducted an internal audit to evaluate the company’s documented policies and standards in comparison to the AS9100 standards. FloridaMakes worked with Manown personnel to correct observations discovered during the analysis.  As a result of FloridaMakes’ support, Manown Engineering passed its AS9100 audit with flying colors – with no findings and only minor observations. FloridaMakes also ensured that a designee of Manown’s Senior Management is now fully trained on how to prepare a comprehensive audit package that is compliant to all standards and procedures in the future. In addition, FloridaMakes has also conducted an Enterprise Assessment, and helped Manown hire a third-party consultant to provide in-depth quality training and to begin lean implementation, the next steps in the company’s continuous improvement process.  


  • Successfully completed AS9100 audit and was compliant to all standards and procedures
  • 20% retained sales
  • 1 employee retained 

Charting the Future 

The Company:  Founded in 1958, ADI Metal is a 12-person company based in Fort Lauderdale with a long-standing tradition of solution-based metals distribution with a vast product line.  In 1991, Betsy McGee became the company’s president, growing the company to support domestic and international metal fabrication and manufacturing with the supply of quality raw materials and value-added services for industries including commercial and private shipbuilding and repair, oil and gas, heavy and light industry, military, government agencies, and prime contracting.

The Challenge:  With the opportunity to diversify and grow into new markets, ADI Metal needed to change some of its traditions that had previously served the company well, while not limiting the growth and value of the company going forward. 

The Action Plan:  Partnering with FloridaMakes, ADI Metal has charted a new course for the future.  As a result of a FloridaMakes enterprise assessment, ADI Metal has realized more than $75,000 of value within the first 6 months of the engagement. 


  • $41,000 in cost savings
  • $27,000 invested in plant, workforce and process
  • 2.5% increase in incremental sales
  • 5% margin improvements

“This is just the beginning as we strategically enable ADI Metal’s growth and continued profitability.  Future plans include the implementation of new business systems and applied cost accounting tools to reduce overhead and effectively manage inventory value, rotation, and pricing policies which today are accomplished manually."  - Betsy McGee, President

Core Value Assessment Leads to Distinguished Industry Award

The Company: A.M. Metal Finishing, Inc. (A.M.) is a premier Orlando-based, family-owned standalone metal finishing company with over 32 years of experience. The company is an approved vendor for many of Orlando's industrial, commercial and aerospace/defense companies including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, NASA, and Walt Disney World Co. A.M.’s 25 employees specialize in color anodizing, hard coat anodizing, bulk anodizing, rack anodizing, architectural anodizing, chromate conversion, electro polishing, passivation, powder coating, Teflon coating, nylon coating, salt spray testing, humidity testing, black oxide, abrasive blasting, selective masking, and dry film lubricant.

The Challenge: Over the years A.M. has participated in many training and continuous improvement strategies. The company’s team-based structure fosters employee participation and company performance has been good. However, too often senior management spends all of their time addressing the issues of the day and long periods of time pass without looking at the overall big picture.

The Action Plan: FloridaMakes recommended that A.M. undertake a Core Value Assessment to analyze the company’s opportunities for improvement and reset the baseline for performance. The Core Value Assessment is a very efficient tool that puts important business elements in front of the manager for fast evaluation, systematically measuring a company’s position against 18 Key Business Elements, including areas frequently overlooked by senior management until there is a crisis. Red flags are created for any element that is weak when compared against a scale of known business best practices.

Through the Core Value Assessment, “I came to the realization that my business would be in peril if anything happened to my health; the livelihood of all of our employees would be at risk,” said A.M. owner Rick Hunter.


  • The company hired an experienced operations manager;
  • A.M. received the “Top 50 Shops Award” by Products Finishing Magazine
"The Core Value Assessment has been an excellent management tool for highlighting key elements of our business that are opportunities for improvement. In addition, the discipline to address all 18 elements helped position A.M. Metal Finishing for the ‘Top 50 Shops Award’. " - Rick Hunter, Owner, A.M. Metal Finishing 

AutoCAD Training Paves the Way for Growth

The Company: Environmental Mfg & Supply, Inc. is a precision metal manufacturer located in the rural community of Bonifay. The company, formed 25 years ago, is now run by the founders’ sons, Stacey and Kyle Coats. Environmental Mfg & Supply, Inc. employs 18 of the local community’s most skilled machinists and support staff.

The Challenge: FloridaMakes completed an enterprise-wide assessment for the company. This assessment identified a unique challenge and bottleneck hindering the company’s growth and expansion goals: the company’s only skilled AutoCAD user is a co-owner who also has responsibility for Business Development. This meant the owner could not create new business without creating a work backlog that could not be placed in production until he returned to complete the AutoCAD portion for operators to program their machines.

The Action Plan: FloridaMakes recommended that the company train additional employees on AutoCAD LT in order to eliminate this significant bottleneck identified in the assessment. FloridaMakes also identified a local community resource, Gulf Coast State College, to provide customized onsite training at the company’s facility.


  • Three additional employees successfully trained and proficient in AutoCAD LT; 
  • Improved productivity: Capacity increased 300%; process time reduced 40% - and the company anticipates additional process time improvements
“Previously, we basically had to make a choice between processing existing orders, or developing new business at the expense of creating a backlog. Through the assessment process and subsequent training of additional employees on AutoCAD LT, FloridaMakes helped us triple the planning capacity at the front end of the process, and reduce the process flowtime of releasing jobs to production. In addition, now I have the ability to pursue Business Development, and the company has the bandwidth to manage the new business resulting from my efforts. We’re now in a much better position to grow our revenues and our business.” - Kyle Coats, Co-Owner, Environmental Mfg. & Supply, Inc.

Successful Composite Manufacturer Constructs Agile Plan For Continued Growth

The Company: Neptune Research Inc. (NRI) is a 40-person company based in Riviera Beach, that has led the industry in next-generation research, engineering design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of quality saturated composites that restore, protect, and reinforce pipes, pipelines, and civil structures. NRI solutions can repair and reinforce pipelines or civil structures while they remain operational, thereby saving clients millions of dollars in costs and lost revenues. Founded in 1982, the company has capitalized on the growth of its products by developing quality moisture-curable carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar® and other aramid composite solutions.

The Challenge: NRI moved to a larger facility in 2009 to keep up with its substantial growth. Since that time, the company has tripled in size by introducing an average of one new product per year. Realizing NRI's sustained growth would inevitability limit its effectiveness, CEO Chris Lazzara commissioned an enterprise assessment by FloridaMakes, as part of the Florida Manufacturer of the Year Award process. Competing against four other exceptionally qualified manufacturers, NRI won the award, and gained insight from additional improvements identified by the FloridaMakes team. The assessment identified opportunities in NRI’s leadership systems and processes, capacity planning system, strategic planning process, customer data aggregation and analysis, employee training and development, and expansion of Lean concepts to non-production areas.

The Action Plan: Applying the feedback of the FloridaMakes enterprise assessment, NRI re-examined their business processes, including hiring practices and key position skills. By requalifying their once-proven business processes and leadership skills in terms of Lean waste, applied costs, efficiency, leadership approaches and strategies, NRI constructed an agile plan for continued growth. The company strategically acquired assets to produce woven fabrics in the U.S., eliminating the quality and delivery issues that had beleaguered their core business in the past, and without incurring additional costs. NRI realized thousands in operational cost savings, and attributes $150,000 of those savings to the FloridaMakes enterprise assessment. While the company has continued to enjoy sustained sales growth, the enterprise assessment identified opportunities for incremental sales growth with existing customers. During this period, sales at NRI grew 28 percent, with 17 percent of that growth directly associated with the results of the enterprise assessment model provided by FloridaMakes.


  • $150,000 in operational cost savings; ·
  • 10 jobs increased/retained; 
  • 17% increase in new sales/growth; 
  • $1.8 million investment; 
  • $108,000 sales tax cost savings
"Our association and partnership with the South Florida Manufacturers Association and FloridaMakes is vital to our continued success and growth initiatives." - Chris Lazzaro, CEO of Neptune Research, Inc.



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