Company Stories

Company Stories

Companies working with MEP centers like FloridaMakes report measurable results, from increased sales, increased profits, and savings of time and money, to creation of new products, new markets and new jobs. Here are some of the results achieved by Florida companies through FloridaMakes services:

Pharmaceutical Company Wins Big with Manufacturing Effectiveness 

Sancilio & Company, Inc., a 165-person company located in Riviera Beach, is primarily focused on the development of novel therapies for application in the emerging field of lipidomics – the structure, function, interaction and movements of cellular lipids and their relationship to diseases.  Founded in 2005, the company is well on the way to achieve its goal of becoming a leading integrated specialty pharmaceutical company after winning the 2015 Manufacturer of the Year award from the SFMA. As part of its continuous improvement process, Sancilio & Company undertook an enterprise assessment conducted by FloridaMakes.  As a result of the assessment, FloridaMakes identified improvement opportunities in throughput cost savings, business systems, workforce engagement and application of additional LEAN concepts. For more formation, please click here


Charting the Future 

Founded in 1958, ADI Metal is a 12-person company based in Fort Lauderdale with a long-standing tradition of solution-based metals distribution with a vast product line.  In 1991, Betsy McGee became the company’s president, growing the company to support domestic and international metal fabrication and manufacturing with the supply of quality raw materials and value-added services for industries including commercial and private shipbuilding and repair, oil and gas, heavy and light industry, military, government agencies, and prime contracting. To learn more, click here.


Core Value Assessment Leads to Distinguished Industry Award

 A.M. Metal Finishing, Inc. (A.M.) is a premier Orlando-based, family-owned standalone metal finishing company with over 32 years of experience. The company is an approved vendor for many of Orlando's industrial, commercial and aerospace/defense companies including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, NASA, and Walt Disney World Co. A.M.’s 25 employees specialize in color anodizing, hard coat anodizing, bulk anodizing, rack anodizing, architectural anodizing, chromate conversion, electro polishing, passivation, powder coating, Teflon coating, nylon coating, salt spray testing, humidity testing, black oxide, abrasive blasting, selective masking, and dry film lubricant. To learn more, click here.


AutoCAD Training Paves the Way for Growth

Environmental Mfg & Supply, Inc. is a precision metal manufacturer located in the rural community of Bonifay. The company, formed 25 years ago, is now run by the founders’ sons, Stacey and Kyle Coats. Environmental Mfg & Supply, Inc. employs 18 of the local community’s most skilled machinists and support staff. FloridaMakes completed an enterprise-wide assessment for the company. This assessment identified a unique challenge and bottleneck hindering the company’s growth and expansion goals: the company’s only skilled AutoCAD user is a co-owner who also has responsibility for Business Development. This meant the owner could not create new business without creating a work backlog that could not be placed in production until he returned to complete the AutoCAD portion for operators to program their machines. To learn more, click here.


Successful Composite Manufacturer Constructs Agile Plan For Continued Growth

Neptune Research Inc. (NRI) is a 40-person company based in Riviera Beach, that has led the industry in next-generation research, engineering design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of quality saturated composites that restore, protect, and reinforce pipes, pipelines, and civil structures. NRI solutions can repair and reinforce pipelines or civil structures while they remain operational, thereby saving clients millions of dollars in costs and lost revenues. Founded in 1982, the company has capitalized on the growth of its products by developing quality moisture-curable carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar® and other aramid composite solutions.To learn more, click here.


Market Reorganization Leads to Profound Growth

Karins Engineering Group, Inc. is a Sarasota-based structural engineering consulting firm with approximately 55 employees offering structural engineering design, existing buildings consulting and forensic engineering services to private and public sector clients from six offices throughout Florida.The firm had a growth challenge in the South Florida market as the Ft. Lauderdale office was undergoing a leadership change. As it was planning for the growth of the office given the talents of the employees in the office, the firm needed to understand the potential client base better. To learn more, click here.


Implementation of New Business Operating System Improves Top and Bottom Lines

Eric Rosenthal is the CEO of Florikan ESA, a Sarasota, Florida based manufacturer and distributor of control release fertilizers. The family owned business employs 66 workers in two branches. Its key products are Nutricote, a high-end fertilizer specifically for the ornamental market, and Gal-Xe, which is sold into broader markets including turf, agriculture, and ornamentals.The company’s challenge was strategic direction. Leadership had some opinions on the topic and wanted assistance clarifying and solidifying it. CEO Eric Rosenthal worked with GrowFL to implement the firm’s first strategic planning endeavor. To learn more, click here.


New Strategic Direction Leads to Increased Productivity

Quality Enclosures, located in Sarasota, Florida, is a family owned and operated manufacturer of shower doors. They employ more than 200 workers with branches in Jacksonville, Florida; Marietta, Georgia; Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Central Islip and Ronkonkoma, New York; and Port Orange, Florida. Their key products are heavy glass enclosures with key markets being new construction and remodeling. Quality Enclosures was encountering some uncertainty regarding options for a new strategic direction. Company leadership asked GrowFL to assist with providing data and consulting expertise to clarify and solidify their thinking. To learn more, click here.


Woman-Owned Manufacturer Poised for Future Growth

Superior Handling Equipment, LLC in Ormond beach, Florida is a woman-owned, private standalone business whose 14 employees produce a speed lift product line. For 40 years they have produced speed lifts with maximum flexibility and customized options that enhance safety, durability, reliability and operational efficiency for most material handling applications. Superior has a broad and loyal customer base including supermarket chains, national retailers, hospitals, schools, manufacturing and general industrial applications. To learn more, click here.




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