Heroes of American Manufacturing Video ACR Electronics, Inc.

The impact of American manufacturing can be seen in the dynamic jobs it creates, the economy it strengthens, and the products it provides, built to help us live a better quality of life and improve our standard of living.  One company that exemplifies the best of American manufacturing is ACR Electronics.  Located in Fort Lauderdale, they are the leading manufacturing and development center for emergency beacons that are designed with one purpose in mind: Saving Lives.  FloridaMakes and South Florida Manufacturers Association are proud to announce that ACR Electronics was one of two manufacturing firms selected nationally to be featured in the NIST MEP Heroes of American Manufacturing video series this year.  This inspiring national video series showcases manufacturing plants across the country, celebrating small- and medium-sized manufacturers, not only with their contributions to the community and the nation’s economy, but also the story of the unique value FloridaMakes brings working alongside small and medium-sized manufacturers to create impact and increase competitiveness. 

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