Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award

FloridaMakes, in partnership with The Florida Sterling Council, is leading the Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award process. 

The award process is designed to:

  • recognize high-performing Florida manufacturing companies;
  • offer a framework for networking and sharing manufacturing best practices; and
  • provide participant companies with feedback and opportunities for improvement and development of high-performance.

Nomination Deadline:   December 20, 2017

Eligibility: All manufacturers with production facilities in Florida are eligible to participate. It is not necessary for the nominee to be a member of any association.

How to Nominate a Company:  A nomination may be made by any individual or organization including any industry group, supplier, customer, workforce or economic development organization, or government agency. Self-nominations are also acceptable.

To nominate a company complete this form or send an email to Phil Centonze at Phil.Centonze@FloridaMakes.com with:

The name of the company you are nominating, as well as a name and contact information at the nominee company.

  • Your name and contact information.
  • No nomination write-ups are required.
  • The final day for nominations is Wednesday, December 20, 2017.
  • Please call Phil Centonze at (954) 684-2642 with questions.

Nomination Process: 
1.    Profile Questionnaire – Following the nomination, the nominee will be notified and asked to complete the Organizational Profile Questionnairre , and forward the completed questionnaire with attachments to Phil Centonze, at Phil.Centonze@FloridaMakes.com. The writing style of the Profile is not evaluated. The Profile provides context for evaluation, detailing company information, and describing internal and external pressures and influences.

The Organizational Profile Questionnaire should be submitted by Friday, January 5, 2018.

2.    Conference Call – Once the Profile is submitted, an initial conference call is scheduled with several examiners to broadly screen the nominee for basic elements of high performance based on the Evaluation Criteria. Manufacturers screening favorably advance to the Semi-Finalist stage.

3.    Site Visit – Examiner teams are assigned to visit Semi-Finalists to evaluate company systems and practices.

4.    Determining Finalists – Upon completion of all site visits, examiners confer to review the evaluations and select Finalists in each award group. Nominees are grouped by workforce size. A team of judges will review the Finalist evaluations and select the winners. One award will be made in each group.

5.    Recognizing Finalists and Announcing the Winning Companies – Finalists and winners will be recognized in Orlando on June 1, during the Florida Sterling Annual Conference (May 30 and 31, and June 1,   2018).

6.    Additional Benefits – As an additional benefit, all Finalists will be given feedback from their company evaluation, offering identified company strengths and opportunities for improvement. Finalists should also expect to be invited to participate in knowledge-sharing activities in the manufacturing community, which may include participation in plant tours, FloridaMakes webinars, presentations, and Emerging Leader Development events.

Please join us to help recognize high-performing manufacturers and elevate Florida’s manufacturing community.  We welcome your nominations and invite you to share this award information with companies and organizations throughout the state.  

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