AutoCAD Training Paves the Way for Growth

The Company: Environmental Mfg & Supply, Inc. is a precision metal manufacturer located in the rural community of Bonifay. The company, formed 25 years ago, is now run by the founders’ sons, Stacey and Kyle Coats. Environmental Mfg & Supply, Inc. employs 18 of the local community’s most skilled machinists and support staff.

The Challenge: FloridaMakes completed an enterprise-wide assessment for the company. This assessment identified a unique challenge and bottleneck hindering the company’s growth and expansion goals: the company’s only skilled AutoCAD user is a co-owner who also has responsibility for Business Development. This meant the owner could not create new business without creating a work backlog that could not be placed in production until he returned to complete the AutoCAD portion for operators to program their machines.

The Action Plan: FloridaMakes recommended that the company train additional employees on AutoCAD LT in order to eliminate this significant bottleneck identified in the assessment. FloridaMakes also identified a local community resource, Gulf Coast State College, to provide customized onsite training at the company’s facility.


  • Three additional employees successfully trained and proficient in AutoCAD LT; 
  • Improved productivity: Capacity increased 300%; process time reduced 40% - and the company anticipates additional process time improvements
“Previously, we basically had to make a choice between processing existing orders, or developing new business at the expense of creating a backlog. Through the assessment process and subsequent training of additional employees on AutoCAD LT, FloridaMakes helped us triple the planning capacity at the front end of the process, and reduce the process flowtime of releasing jobs to production. In addition, now I have the ability to pursue Business Development, and the company has the bandwidth to manage the new business resulting from my efforts. We’re now in a much better position to grow our revenues and our business.” - Kyle Coats, Co-Owner, Environmental Mfg. & Supply, Inc.

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