In a Year of Change, FLATE and FloridaMakes Inspires Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Workforce

February 16th 2021

2020 will forever be remembered as a year of profound challenges for America, and the entire world. The manufacturing community adapted, pivoted, and responded to the Covid-19 pandemic. During this challenging time, the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE) remained steadfast to inspire the next generation’s pursuit of manufacturing careers.

“Florida’s manufacturing sector is at the heart of our state’s dynamic and robust economy,” said Henry Mack, Chancellor of Florida’s Department of Education’s (DOE) Division of Career and Adult Education. “Florida’s educational institutions are also integrated into the sector. From STEM programs in our elementary schools to our colleges and technical colleges, Florida’s learning resources are the catalyst to careers in manufacturing.”

Rethinking your Manufacturing Business Risk After the Great Lockdown

January 19th 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us more aware of the items we purchase on a regular basis and how they get to store shelves and to our doors. Anyone else still waiting two to three weeks longer for orders of sanitizing wipes and paper towels? Now, if we as consumers have experienced these longer wait times and find ourselves (still) refreshing the delivery notifications on our latest online purchases, imagine what’s going on behind the scenes!

Manufacturing leaders have told us this pandemic has really made them think about risk. Nearly all of the manufacturers we have spoken to mentioned that their immediate focus was on the risk to the health of their workers and their businesses. But beyond that, the spread of the novel coronavirus and the unprecedented Great Lockdown of the U.S. and world economies have shined a bright light on the weak links in their operations. They see risk in their supply chains, their workforces, their standard practices and in pulling back from innovation. Mitigating those risks, they say, comes in the form of local partnerships, long-term agreements, internalizing some outsourced supply, and automation.

The New Industrial Revolution: Digital Manufacturing

November 19th 2020

Digital manufacturing is not a new concept but is continuing to evolve. From robotics, additive manufacturing and augmented reality to big data, simulation and cybersecurity, technologies can be found in manufacturing facilities across the country. While already in existence, the use of these technologies among small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) can vary. Some SMMs have already implemented digital manufacturing, while others plan to implement and there are still some that don’t yet see the value of, or intend to, add digital manufacturing technology to their factory floor.

Non-Technical Signs Your Business Might Have Been Hacked

November 19th 2020

Contracts your company used to receive on a regular basis are now going to a competitor. A new competitor suddenly bursts onto the scene making a very difficult-to-manufacture part that resembles your product. Company monthly energy usage is increasing but you haven’t increased production hours. You haven’t received payment from a customer who always pays invoices within 60 days.

Each of these scenarios is a possible sign that your manufacturing business might have been hacked. Often the first detection of a cyber hack is an employee noticing that something isn’t quite right. This could be their system running unusually slow or a change in their password or other credentials that they did not make.

How Automation and AI May Help Level the Playing Field for Women in Manufacturing

August 2nd 2020

Women make up about 29 percent of the manufacturing workforce despite filling 47 percent of the positions in the overall workforce, according to the Manufacturing Institute. While there have been periods of growth and decline, the dynamic is mostly unchanged since 1970, when women held 27 percent of the manufacturing jobs.

But many experts say the growing adoption of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), combined with the critical need for knowledge-based workers, will create more opportunities for women in manufacturing.



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