Bob Provitola Manufacturing Leadership Award

“As the CEO of FloridaMakes, I can assure you that without Bob’s leadership, fortitude, and commitment to excellence FloridaMakes would likely not have realized the success it does today and, perhaps, not even exist at all." — Kevin Carr, CEO, FloridaMakes

FloridaMakes has created the Bob Provitola Manufacturing Leadership Award, in memoriam of Bob Provitola, a Florida manufacturing industry leader and founding board chair of FloridaMakes.

About the Award

The award was established to honor the spirit of volunteer leadership and dedication that characterized Bob’s service to the manufacturing community throughout his career. The award is given to someone who exemplifies the same traits that Bob had.

Those traits are:

  • advocacy,  
  • leadership,  
  • mentorship and  
  • volunteerism in manufacturing.  

      Award Process

      Each year FloridaMakes asks manufacturers and others within the manufacturing industry to nominate people based on the above traits.

      From the nominations a selection committee, made up of esteemed Florida leaders, narrows the pool down to three
      finalists. From the three finalists a winner of the award is chosen.

      Stay tuned for information about nominations for 2022!

      Bob_Provitola.pngAbout Bob Provitola
      As the Division Vice President for Mitsubishi Power Americas, Bob was key in locating their facilities in the Orlando and Lake Mary areas. In this position, Bob contributed to many state and local educational and economic development initiatives directed at improving our manufacturing economy and creating high-wage, high-skills jobs. In addition to serving on the FloridaMakes Board, Bob volunteered his time on the boards of the Center for Manufacturing Excellence, the Manufacturers Association of Central Florida (MACF), and the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE) among others. 

      Bob was instrumental in leading the successful bid to establish FloridaMakes in 2015 by winning an award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), bringing an annual investment of $4.2 million into strengthening the productivity and technology performance of Florida’s manufacturing economy. Through FloridaMakes, and the regional manufacturers associations that operate it, thousands of new jobs have been created in the manufacturing industry along with a large economic impact.