2022 SMBE Finalist Spotlight: Bacardi Bottling Corp.

By Doug Wise posted 05-05-2022 01:23 PM


Primary Product(s): Bacardi Rum, DEWAR’S whiskey, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, and ERISTOFF vodka

Bacardi Bottling Corporation, located in Jacksonville, operates Bacardi Limited’s second largest bottling plant in the world.

The plant in Jacksonville bottles BACARDÍ rum which is shipped in bulk weekly to Jacksonville from their distillery in Puerto Rico in a 24/5 operation. The bottling plant supplies over 80% of BACARDÍ rum sold domestically while the rest supplies markets in Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. The plant produces over 9M 9L cases annually.  

Products bottled at the plant include, but are not limited to, Bacardi's traditional rums such as BACARDÍ Superior, Gold, and Black and their premium rums: BACARDÍ Añejo 4, Reserva Ocho, Gran Reserva Diez, and Reserva Limitada. Other products bottled at the plant include Bacardi's line of flavored rums, ready to serve drinks (RTS), classic cocktails, as well as 50ML bottles of DEWAR’S whiskey, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, and ERISTOFF vodka.  

Being an SMBE finalist means the company met stringent judging standards in several categories of criteria, including leadership, strategy, customers, measurement, analysis, knowledge management, workforce, and operations. SMBE award winners will be announced during the 30th Annual Governor’s Sterling Awards Banquet on June 3 at the Gaylord Palms resort in Orlando.

Congratulations to the Bacardi Bottling Corporation! For more information about Bacardi, please visit https://www.bacardilimited.com/.