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Micah Daugherty

Micah Daugherty

Business Advisor: South Florida Manufacturers Association


Serving manufacturers in southern South Florida.

Micah “Doc” Daugherty is a FloridaMakes Business Advisor working with the South Florida Manufacturer’s Association. He started his career at Weirton Steel Corporation in Weirton, West Virginia, where he spent 15 years and served as a Regional Sales Manager for Tin Mill Products, Operations Planning Supervisor, and Metallurgical Technician. He moved to Florida in 2003 and started his own steel trading and consulting business. Through the ownership and operation of this business, Micah gained extensive knowledge on international business, sales and marketing, supply chain management, and the import and export process.

During his career in manufacturing, Micah has used his 30 years of experience to implement process improvement solutions to a broad range of industries, including: aerospace, chemical processes, metals fabrication, machining, arms manufacturing and assembly, automotive, and food processing (to name a few). Micah also served as a Project Manager with the former MEP affiliate in Florida, where he supported Florida manufacturers and businesses in implementing Lean Transformation, Quality Systems, Inventory Management, and Supply Chain Solutions.

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