Workforce Development

Workforce Planning

The Manufacturing Workforce Pipeline:
Resources and ideas to fill and retain it!

This is the number one discussion when speaking with manufacturers in our region.

  • "I cannot find people."
  • "I've hired five people but only one has stayed."
  • "I've increased paid wages, but they are still leaving."

What can you do about it? While there is no magic bullet, there are things you can do within your business to attract and retain employees. The number one suggestion...get involved! There are many great local resources who can potentially send talented people your way, but picking up the phone and asking for them is not enough. You need to show that your company is the one to work for. Introduce your company, yourself, and your staff to the universities, the colleges, the grade schools, CareerSource Suncoast, CareerEdge, Goodwill Industries, The Able Trust. Implement internships and apprenticeships. Listen to your current employees about your business' culture. Build on the positive, eliminate and change the negative. Get your employees and customers to be your best promoters. It is systematic change which will strengthen your talent pipeline!

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