Director's Message

Rob Harris, Executive Director

Struggling to find and keep labor?

As the labor shortage continues, and will not be going away anytime soon, manufacturers need to set themselves apart from the competition.  I’m not talking about other companies who make similar products to yours, but every business down the street, in your city, and in our region.  Everyone is pulling from the same labor pool, and the pool is smaller.  The old way of posting jobs, sifting through a hundred resumes, interviewing a handful, and then taking weeks to make your decision are long gone!

What are you doing to separate yourself from your competition?
Why does someone want to come work for you when there are many other options for them to choose from?
You found that perfect person!  You hired them.  What makes you think they’ll stay when the business down the street offers them $1/hour more?
Have you seriously thought about automation, at least for the mundane repetitive tasks?

While there is no magic bullet, there certainly are new ways to think and address the problem.  The SRMA has great resources to provide you with insight and real change.  Contact us and let us help.

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