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About FloridaMakes Supplier Development

The FloridaMakes Supplier Development team is here to assist manufacturers and Florida consumers with any questions you have regarding Florida’s supply chain.

We can connect you to a regional manufacturing association, have one of our FloridaMakes Business Advisors assist you with finding new ways to grow your business and help you identify new manufacturers through Connex Florida and the Connex Marketplace that can strengthen and solidify your supply chain needs.

Mike Aller – Director of Supplier Development

Mike’s areas of technical emphasis and strategic engagement include helping Florida’s aviation & aerospace, defense, medical devices, personal protective equipment and power generation manufacturing industries strengthen their domestic manufacturing supply chains, as well as improve their resilience to adverse events and identify and capture new opportunities in commercial space, critical infrastructure, national security and other fast-growing markets. Together with colleagues and partners across the state and the nation, Mike has worked to develop and roll out a series of value-added tools and resources to support the interconnectedness, growth, productivity and resilience of Florida’s and our nation’s manufacturing ecosystem. These value-added resources include the Connex Florida and Connex Marketplace supplier connection platforms, the Florida Defense Cybersecurity Training Program, supplier opportunity forums in high-growth and nationally critical sectors of manufacturing, and a series of assessments for supply chain risk management and disaster recovery and resilience for manufacturers of all sizes. He previously worked in both the private and public sector on supply chain optimization, technology-based economic development, entrepreneurship, technology research and development and public policy.

Connor Hlywa - Supplier Development Coordinator

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