Exclusive Limited Time Offer

Special Opportunity: Free National Access for 1 year

In addition to our new Supply Chain Florida website and upgraded platform, we are excited to offer 1 FREE year of “National Access” to the Connex Marketplace if you sign up from now until July 8, 2022. Not only are you able to find and be found within the state of Florida (free of charge), but you can also access the entire database of U.S. manufacturers and suppliers for free for up to one year (a $500 value) to increase business opportunities and find new suppliers.

To take advantage of this offer, please login (or create a new account if a new user) and enter the discount code of: 1YFCM On the subscription page, select the “$500 yearly” package and enter your discount code and credit card information to get national access FREE for 1 year. This is a “risk-free” offer. You may cancel/delete your credit card information at any time and still receive your entire year free national access to the national Connex Marketplace.

Please note, that once you subscribe to receive national access, all of your Connex Florida company profile information and log-in information will be automatically loaded into the national Connex Marketplace. Our new user interface allows you to list your company in both the state and national level with one interface.