Open Manufacturing Opportunities

Opportunity #1: Seat Belt Buckles

A Florida based multinational company is seeking a machining/stamping factory that also has chroming/plating/anodizing and tempering/hardening experience. Some parts have very high surface appearance criteria. Materials specified include: AW-6061 Aluminum, AW-7075 T6 Aluminum and SAE 4130 or SAE 4140 steel. See attached drawings for exact specifications on each of the 3 parts. Process steps involved for each of the 3 parts include: SL117.01 Punching; grinding; annealing; shaping/bending; punching; hardening (warm) of aluminum alloy to final strength; round edges by grinding; anodise silver/nature as per DIN 17611 E6/EV1 SL 117.04 Punching; round edges by grinding; austempering at 42+/-2 HRC; austenizing in neutral atmosphere and transforming to bainit in a molten salt; descale/expurgate of surface grinding; chrome plating; temper within two hours after anodizing or zinc-nickel, 8 hours at 180-200 degrees (as per DIN 50969) SL 117.06 Punching; round edges by grinding; shot peening; hard anodise, silver/nature colored as per DIN 17611 E6/EV1, thickness 25ym+/-5mm Please feel free to reach out to FloridaMakes with any questions or comments.
ISO preferred

60,000 each annually

Sep 1, 2022

Oct 14, 2022

Please view files for detailed information regarding requested competitive quotation and lead-times of respective machined parts. For more information, register for Connex Florida HERE or contact FloridaMakes Supplier Development (Link to “Contact Us”)