Advocacy Priorities

2023 Priorities

The Florida Manufacturing & Supply Chain Advocacy Council is a coalition of manufacturing industry associations across the state of Florida. Its members have agreed to support and collaborate on the below advocacy priorities for the current session. These are most important issues facing the manufacturing industry across the state.

  1. Support the efforts of the Florida Manufacturing & Supply Chain Caucus of the legislature.
  2. Strengthen economic development initiatives. Specifically FloridaMakes, the state's Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which works to improve the productivity and technological performance of Florida’s manufacturing sector.
  3. Invest in training and jobs programs. Including customized training, earn-to-learn models, training infrastructure that targets 21st century skills and career paths while target filling high-wage, high-skill career vacancies in advanced manufacturing.
  4. Promote initiatives that encourage use and development of local suppliers and one that contributes to developing a more robust and resilient supply chain system for the state
  5. Invest in initiatives focused on accelerating the adoption and use of advanced digital technologies (Industry 4.0).