Third Party Provider Network

Third Party Provider Network

Apply to Join the FloridaMakes Network of Third Party Providers!

FloridaMakes regularly provides opportunities for outside consultants to work as Third Party Providers on specific projects to improve manufacturers’ top and bottom lines. 

Benefits for Consultants

The benefits of collaborating with FloridaMakes on projects are: 

  • Manufacturing companies are already pre-qualified and ready to undertake the project with you;
  • This can reduce your cost of sales and allow you to focus on your area of expertise;
  • A FloridaMakes Business Advisor works with you and the company to ensure successful completion of the project;
  • Successful projects can lead to future opportunities with manufacturers in your geographic area and/or other regions of Florida. 

Expertise Needed

FloridaMakes seeks Third Party Providers for a wide range of projects needed to improve the competitive ability and profitability of Florida manufacturers.

That includes consultants with expertise in: 

  • Manufacturing process improvements – such as Lean, Six Sigma, ISO Quality Management and other process improvements.
  • Operational improvements – related to IT, Cybersecurity, innovation, environmental management and product stewardship.
  • Workforce improvements – including HR and individual performance management, training and certification, organizational development and succession planning.
  • Growth strategies – such as marketing and Customer Relationship Management, exporting, costing and other tools.
  • Advanced manufacturing – including technology integration. 
  • And a wide range of other services needed to strengthen our manufacturers.

Start the Process

To apply to become a Third Party Provider with FloridaMakes, please review and/or complete the following:  

Please Review: 

  1. Letter of Introduction
  2. Sample Project Schedule Template
  3. Sample Independent Consultant Agreement
  4. NIST MEP Client Impact Survey
  5. FloridaMakes Third Party Provider Evaluation Form 

Please Complete:

  1. Application to Become a FloridaMakes Third Party Provider
  2. Third Party Professional and Client Reference Form (completed by your references)
  3. W-9

Please e-mail your completed Application and W-9 to using the subject line: TPP Application from (your name)

Your References

Please have your two references each submit their completed reference forms to using the subject line: TPP Reference Form for (your name)


If you have questions about the application, please e-mail Thank you for your interest in working with FloridaMakes to strengthen the State’s manufacturing sector. We look forward to hearing from you.

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