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Introducing new technology into your operation is challenging for any size company. We help accelerate the benefits of appropriate technology by identifying technology options and providing cost–benefit analyses, workforce training resources and assessing new market opportunities – that help your company reduce risk and fully leverage your technology enhancements. 

The NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership has a national initiative to support manufacturers in the adoption of appropriate technology and foster innovation.  We draw upon the research, technology and advanced manufacturing resources available through federal labs, centers of excellence, other MEP centers, and national partners.

FloridaMakes’ Technology Acceleration services include: 

  • Technology Scouting. Have you been trying to solve a problem and know the technology solution must be out there somewhere, but your company does not have the skills or resources to find that solution? Technology Scouting is a systematic and comprehensive approach to searching outside your company’s normal channels to find viable solutions to your specific technology needs.
  • Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) Is your company considering launching a new product or entering a new market? Do you wish you had better real-world validated insight into the specific barriers and opportunities – both technical and market - that exist to help your company make better strategic decisions? TDMI is a focused approach to market intelligence which directly evaluates the benefits and market impacts related to your company’s specific technology-based asset – whether that be an idea, product, or process.

In addition, FloridaMakes can help your company learn about new technologies and their business implications and applications; identify and deploy new technologies to solve problems or gain competitive advantage; increase access to applicable research and technology available at federal labs and universities and help navigate the process; and commercialize new technology.  

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