Disaster Resources

Disaster Resources

FloridaMakes Resources

At FloridaMakes, we exist to make a measurable difference and serve the public good. If your organization has suffered damage, or anytime you are in need of further assistance, please contact us through your Regional Manufacturers Associations.

Supply Chain Disruption Planning

Advanced preparation and business continuity planning will mitigate risks and help a business continue operating despite a crisis. Moving into hurricane season, COVID-19 is still affecting many businesses and it's important to prepare and navigate through both hurricane season and COVID-19 to ensure business resiliency.

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5 Minutes May Save Your Company - Take The Assessment Now

FloridaMakes has developed custom tools to help manufacturers navigate and mitigate the impacts of future crises. We provide immediate feedback on your business risk and continuity preparedness. 

Schedule a free deep dive business continuity risk assessment with a knowledgeable Business Advisor. Click an icon below to get started now: 

*The following assessments are also available in Spanish.


Benefits For Your Company

• Get a free gap analysis report detailing the company’s disaster readiness and areas that would affect business continuity.

• Develop a business continuity plan to mitigate risks and continue operating and generating revenue during a crisis.

• Sharing of best practices to help strengthen the company.

• Utilization of market data, in aggregate, to advocate for resources for a more resilient Florida manufacturing ecosystem.

State Resources

General resources: www.FloridaDisaster.biz

Resources for businesses: https://www.floridadisaster.org/business/

Disaster planning toolkit:  https://floridadisaster.biz/DisasterPlanningToolkit

Florida Department of Emergency Management (DEM) and Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) disaster resources for businesses: www.FloridaDisaster.biz .

For additional disaster resources in the state of Florida please visit our partner's resource site: Florida Economic Development Council

Assess your company’s disaster readiness. Develop a business continuity plan to stay in business and generate revenues during a crisis.

Learn more by calling FloridaMakes: 407-450-7206 or email us: info@floridamakes.com


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