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One opportunity for growing your business might come through creating new markets and new customers outside the U.S.  FloridaMakes can help you determine potential opportunities for your company.   We assist companies in developing export strategies and connect you to the right resources to help you establish the systems, meet industry standards, and open the door to new international markets. 

ExporTech.  One of the services that FloridaMakes can offer your company is ExporTech, a structured planning process that leads to an export growth plan designed to help you expand your international market opportunities.  ExporTech combines peer group learning, involving 4-8 companies participating a nine-week process:  3 workshops with “homework” in between sessions. Plans are vetted by a panel of experienced exporters. Partners involved with ExporTech include NIST MEP, District Export Councils, U.S. Export Assistance Centers, and other local and regional economic development entities.

Since 2007, over 715 companies in 31 states have gone through the ExporTech program.  Company results, on average, include $770,000 in increased or retained sales. 

If your company would like to grow your export business, become more proactive, or develop plans for a new region, contact FloridaMakes about ExporTech. 

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*Source: NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership

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