Open Manufacturing Opportunities

Large-Scale Supplier Opportunity for U.S. Manufacturers - DUE JANUARY 12, 2024


As TOPSOE prepares to establish manufacturing facilities in the United States, they are on the lookout for over 3,000 dynamic suppliers to be part of this groundbreaking journey.

Ready to be a key player in their network? Click the link for all the details on how to secure your spot at their Supplier Summit in Houston, Texas on February 8, 2024:

Act fact as the application to attend closes on January 12, 2024!

Need capabilities include: 

  • Metalwork & parts: Sheet Metal Fabrication, Laser Cutting, Welding of Parts, Bending, Stamping, Deep drawing, Pressing, Light Forging, Precision Fabrication, and Assembly. 
  • Machining, Turning & Milling: Turned parts, Milled parts, Fittings, Flanges. -Casting: Lost wax Investment/green sand casting - Stainless Steel (max. 20kg/each piece x 5,000 pieces per year).
  • Insulation: Insulation for Piping/Equipment.
  • Module/Pressure Part/Prefabricators Workshops: Piping Skid Manufacturers, with Piping bulk materials supplies, and assembly and testing.
  • Other: Sheet metalwork, Pipe Bending, Tubes, Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Flexible Piping (1_1/2'' to 3'') Instrumentation,
  • E&I Bulk Materials: Instrumentation Package Suppliers, Cables & JB's, Electrical Heat Tracing, Lightning.
  • Electronics: Power supply units, Inverters, Converters, Controls Cabinets, PLC, Customized Power Containers, Heavy Duty Industrial Transformers.
  • Miscellaneous: Heat Exchangers, Electrical Process Heaters.

The needed capabilities are vague because specifics will be shared at the Summit once NDAs are executed.


This is a call for suppliers for a Supplier Summit February 8th, 2024 in Houston, TX.

Applicants that are selected will receive a formal invitation to attend the Summit with further instructions.