Vac-Tron Equipment

Vac-Tron Equipment

Vac-Tron Equipment, LLC benefits from its Association Network with FloridaMakes and the Manufacturers Association of Central Florida.

Vac-Tron Equipment, LLC in Okahumpka, Florida is a private standalone business whose 54 employees produce a full line of industrial vacuums, potholing, day-lighting, hydro-excavation, and air excavation equipment. For twenty years they have demonstrated a commitment to build strength, safety, durability and one-of-a-kind features into all of the company’s products, and then to back them up with integrity and service. Vac-Tron Equipment, LLC was purchasing fabricated items from out of state causing long lead times and challenges with quality control. The local FloridaMakes Business Adviser reviewed the situation and determined that its partnership with the Manufacturing Association of Central Florida was the perfect network to assist Vac-Tron Equipment, LLC with its supply chain. A high level assessment was compiled of the fabricated items that were being purchased out of state and these parameters were matched to the capabilities of a local fabricator within the same county. To learn more, please click here.



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