Florida Candle Wick Manufacturer Lights the Way

December 22nd 2020

If you’ve ever lit a candle, chances are the wick came from Florida!

America’s love of candles ignites an estimated $3.14 billion in annual retail sales. Kicking off with Black Friday, the months of November and December usher in a flurry of holidays including Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. December accounts for nearly 35% of yearly candle sales. In Florida, a Pompano Beach-based manufacturer, Wicks Unlimited, makes the wicks that enables us to enjoy the aroma and flickering flame of our favorite candle.

“There is a science behind why people love candles,” says Wicks Unlimited Vice President Cory Rau, “and it’s the lighting of the wick—where the science comes in – that makes the magic of candlelight both compelling and relaxing.”

National Cookie Day: How a Florida Dry Food Manufacturer Makes the Holiday Season Sweet

December 4th 2020

The holiday season is finally here, and one must ask, is eating just one cookie enough? Leading the world as the biggest cookie bakers and eaters, the U.S. spends more than $550 million annually. One dry food manufacturer located in Lakeland, Florida, takes making their holiday treats seriously and works hard behind-the-scenes to ensure those packages are on store shelves in time.

Compass Blending takes ingredients like sugar, flour, and salt and creates shelf-stable products that are used throughout the food industry and offer convenience to our everyday lives. Some products you may recognize are the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix at Williams Sonoma or the Honey Almond Pound Cake Mix at the World Market, amongst others.

Giving Tuesday: How a Florida Manufacturer Gives Back All Year Long

December 1st 2020

In 2012, Giving Tuesday was born to create a day to spread kindness and to encourages the generosity of giving. Happening on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday inspires people across the world to help those that need it the most. For one Florida manufacturer, they are dedicated to giving back to their local community, employees and beyond –– all year long.

Expert Shutter Solutions, a hurricane shutter manufacturer located in Port St. Lucie, consistently leads its industry in sales, production, innovation, and efficiency. It’s the company’s commitment to their employees and local community, however, that catapulted them into a finalist spot in the 2020 Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Awards.

How a Florida Manufacturers’ Solar Systems Helps Save Lives: Stories Behind the Products

September 12th 2020

Imagine being in the military –– and you’ve been deployed to the middle of the desert and your base suffers a power outage during an attack. The results could be catastrophic. Troops already deal with harsh conditions while in a war zone and being in areas with no direct access to reliable power can exacerbate those conditions for the team. Not having reliable power makes it more challenging to complete missions, stay in touch with commanders and keep the team safe. A company in St. Augustine, FL, manufactures a product that is helping troops avoid deadly situations by “keeping their lights on.”

Story Behind the Product: A Florida Manufacturer Keeps Legacy Military Planes Flying

August 19th 2020

With the aviation and aerospace industry in Florida accounting for nearly 10 percent of the state’s GDP and with more than 2,000 companies, it is key in supporting Florida’s military and defense assets. On August 19, National Aviation Day, is a date to celebrate these companies and the more than 82,000 Floridians who contribute to making things fly.

GRACE Aerospace is one of those companies celebrating today. They are a full-service aerospace manufacturer and systems integrator who develops, engineers, fabricates and assembles structures and electrical components –– all in Jacksonville! Being an AS9100 certified small business manufacturer, GRACE noticed there was a unique need to service legacy planes for the military. Their mission began by servicing military aircraft with legacy and production manufacturing needs. Currently, their 30-employee team is making their mark in the aerospace sector by working on legacy planes that other manufacturers deem “too expensive and time-consuming” to fix.



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