Story Behind the Products: Florida Veterans Continue to Serve to Preserve Our Freedom

July 2nd 2020

July 4, 1776, a symbolic day where America’s Founding Fathers adopted the Declaration of Independence and a day that Americans continue to recognize our independence and show gratitude for the freedoms we have. As we remember this day, we honor the sacrifices the men and women in our armed forces have made and continue to make to give our country freedom. Some of them call Florida home and have been able to transfer the valuable skills and experience form their military service to our workforce.  

Stories Behind the Products: A Florida Manufacturer’s Contribution to Space Exploration

June 30th 2020

June 30 is National Meteor Watch Day. In honor of this day, we spoke with Shannon and Roy Sweatman about their company’s impact on the space industry.  Florida is one of few states in the union with access to direct space launches and projects and SMT is only one of many manufacturers across the network that has a hand in making space exploration and research possible. Southern Manufacturing Technologies was founded by Roy Sweatman in 1983 with just 5 employees. Today, SMT employs about 100 people who contribute to making parts for a wide variety of aerospace platforms. Their products can be found in regional jets and airliners, including the Boeing 737 and 787, the Airbus A320neo, and even fighter jets defending our freedom. They also produce space-related products that help trigger events for satellites and other space machines to land, takeoff or reposition in outer space, making them an integral part of the process for a successful mission.

Honoring Flag Day: A perspective from FloridaMakes Business Advisor - Rob Caldwell

June 13th 2020

To Rob, the flag symbolizes American endurance, the constant display of surety and pride. The flag is an external symbol of the internal pride we all should have for what America represents and that we owe a great debt of gratitude to those who put on the uniform in defense of our nation. Rob’s biggest takeaway from serving the country was that through traveling around the world, he saw that America has the most freedoms, the most protection, and the most prosperity out of any of the countries he traveled through. “America’s servicemembers come from many different backgrounds,” he explained, “however, they all come together for the common goal of defending our country, the Constitution and the ideals America was built on.”

Stories Behind The Products: D-Day Tribute

June 8th 2020

“Fleet Readiness Center Southeast is able to impact the defense of the United States through extending the service life of aircraft, in addition to providing flight line support for operational squadrons and repair of components that are needed to make military aircraft fully mission capable,” said Tony Casullo, Public Affairs Officer at FRCSE. “The military would not be able to do their job in service to our country without FRCSE doing theirs.” 

Stories Behind the Products: World Ocean Day

June 8th 2020

World Ocean Day is when the world observes, reflects and participates in ocean conservation. Animals play a huge part in ocean conservation, and due to humans intervening and damaging their ecosystem, it’s up to us to help rescue and rehabilitate the animals that are endangered or crying for help. Tarps etc. is a Central Florida manufacturing company that produces tarps. Headquartered in Florida, they have found a niche area to utilize their products –– marine life! Their tarps are designed and used to help rescue animals, sometimes as big as a whale or as small as a manta ray. They have supported marine rescues and rehabilitation within and beyond Florida.



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